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Direct Animation
work group meets weekly - free and open to all

No experience necessary

Handmade cameraless insanity making motion graphics directly onto movie film leader with a myriad of methods. Most supplies provided and bring yer own. "It's like a quilting bee for crackpot film-makers." Wednesday nights, 7:30pm till we're done, Currently (July 2004) meeting usually in Olympia, WA State sometimes Tacoma, RSVP for location.

Contact devonimation AT hotmail DAT com

Q. What is this thing called Crackpot Crafters handmade cameraless filmmaking direct animation motion graphics movies for everyone weekly gatherings NW?

A. An informal, mostly non-didactic get together of more or less likeminded folks assembled to do stuff directly on various film leaders, watch it right away, get/give feedback, share tricks/techniques/ other videos/ films/drink/snack and work on projects in an amiable, chatty environment. Basically as long as there’s one other person here I’ll be here an excuse to make sure I keep focussed on handmade film chops at least once a week. It’s more fun the more people there are, until about 18 bodies and then the fun quotient sometimes drifts into work and chaos. But I’m not real worried about how many people do or don’t show up. It’s also about combating the virulent isolation which often accompanies all independent filmmaking and especially this solitary obsessive kind.

I supply basic materials donations always gladly accepted but not required, both for cost of supplies and my subsistence. If you’re going to make more than 3 or 4 loops per night, some contribution would be great clear and colored and ‘slug’ 16mm leader is 3 or 4 cents per foot, black 16mm leader is about 9 cents per foot, splice tape is $4-6 per roll. If you want to do a longer project, it’s probably good to buy 100 feet or more (either from me or from some place like Evergreen College Photo if they still stock it(?) or FPC/Kodak in LA or Boston Connection) to take with you. In Seattle, 911 requests a $5 donation to help them with their costs of heat/space etc, which are more than yours and mine, but that doesn’t pay for leader or other supply.

It’s not a ‘workshop’ per se, but there will be those also soon, organized by one fine organization or another in your neighborhood, and they are more comprehensive, with handouts, and readings, and lots of samples to watch of direct animation through the ages, and copious detailed instructions on every handmade movie image making technique I’ve ever heard of.

Here it’s more self-directed we all do our stuff and if you want to know how to anything ask your neighbor and somebody’ll show you. If you feel inexperienced with moviemaking, don’t be shied away by archaictechnogeekababble. Dive right in! Get messy! Make a mistake!

So generally we work, talk, drink, eat and be merry for 2 or 3 hours and then everybody shows what they’ve done, and anything else they’ve been working on, and we ooh and aah and boo and blah blah blah critique and whatnot then go home.

This thing got started in Southie Boston and Providence RI and Waltham, MA in 2002. Been going fairly steady every week since, moved out West in 2003, did it in Seattle at 911 and Oly film ranch for awhile, now we like it in homes. Come join us, won't you?